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This page allows you to access documents that have been developed in connection with the Turners Falls Hydroelectric Project and Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Project Relicensing.

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FirstLight cover letter for filing 3/29/19 meeting agenda and Relicensing Study No. 3.3.19 Ultrasound Array 2018 report and the Proposed 2019 ultrasound array control study plan and the Relicensing Study No. 3.7.1 Phase IB Archaeological Survey for MA3/12/2019FirstLight Hydro Generating Company
Relicensing Study 3.3.1 Conduct Instream Flow Habitat Assessments in the Bypass Reach and below Cabot Station Addendum 5 Assessment of Sea Lamprey (new spawning HSI curves) and Yellow Lampmussels in Reach 33/1/2019FirstLight Hydro Generating Company
Relicensing Study 3.5.1 Baseline Inventory of Wetland Riparian and Littoral Habitat in the Turners Falls Impoundment and Assessment of Operational Impacts on Special Species Addendum Tiger Beetles 3/1/2019FirstLight Hydro Generating Company
FirstLight cover letter filing Relicensing Study 3.3.1 Addendum 5 and Relicensing Study 3.5.1 Addendum 3 3/1/2019FirstLight Hydro Generating Company
Relicensing Study 3.3.19 Evaluate the Use of an Ultrasound Array to Facilitate Upstream Movement to Turners Falls Dam by avoiding Cabot Station Tailrace -2018 Study Report 3/1/2019FirstLight Hydro Generating Company
Relicensing Study 3.3.19 Proposed 2019 Ultrasound Array Control Study 3/1/2019FirstLight Hydro Generating Company